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Indomitable Mind Body Combat Academy is a martial arts training institute which provides training in Olympic style Taekwondo as well as the Israeli Krav Maga hand to hand system.


Our school provides a regular weekly excercise and self-defense schedule for you and your family. Feel healthy, look good and feel safe by enrolling in our classes.


All classes are run inside the Scout Hall of the Blockhouse Bay community centre. Equipment such as kicking bags, punching mits, focus pads and dummy weapons are provided for the students by the school for the classes.


We are able to supply uniforms and protective equipment to our students.

Indomitable Mind Body Combat Academy
Indomitable Mind Body Combat Academy


Literally translated, "Tae", means "to kick or strike with foot", "Kwon" implies "hand or fist to block, punch and strike", "Do" denotes an "art" or "way". Thus Taekwondo means the art of kicking blocking and punching.


Taekwondo is a system of symetrical body excercises (or system of techiques) designed for self defence and counter attack in unarmed combat making use of the hands and feet as weapons.


Taekwondo is not merely a physical fighting art but is also a way of thought and life. Through discipline teakwondo trains both the mind and the body, placing emphasis on development of moral character. In other words, control of the mind, self-discipline, kindness and humility must accompany the physical grace.


Taekwondo training consists of hardening the body through practice of attack and defense forms. The unarmed combat features skillful application of punching, jumping, kicking, dodging, blocking and parrying. Taekwondo techniques are essentially linear strikes but have some circular elements including throws and falling tehniques.


An essential characteristic in meeting an attack is in the mastery of breathing and the development Jiptjung (power gathering) to unify your force.

Krav Maga 


Krav Maga is a progressive ecclectic hand to hand system which originates from Israel. Krav Maga is more of a system of tried and tested self defence concepts involving many situations including striking, grappling, ground fighting and defense against weapon attacks and threats.


At Indomitable Mind Body Combat Academy we have created a grading syllabus which takes the practitioner from the simplest of concepts in each one of these areas building up incrementally in easy systematic steps   onto expert level techniques.


Our school is affiliated to Israeli Krav International, an Isreali organization with global affiliates.






Indomitable Mind Body Combat Academy

Indomitable Mind Body Combat Academy - Auckland Krav Maga / Auckland Taekwondo 

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