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I often get asked which style is better Taekwondo or Krav Maga. I would have to say it all depends on the purpose. Often in the case of Taekwondo a parent would contact me saying they are looking for a martial arts school for their child. Often is due to one reason or another perhaps the child is timid and has been bullied at school, or maybe the kid is a bully and needs some self-control and discipline, maybe the kid has some learning difficulties and needs focus or maybe he or she is overweight. There are dozens of reasons why parents want their kids enrolled in martial arts programs. In every situation I have seen massive change in kids’ lives that have benefited from Taekwondo training.

There is no comparison of Taekwondo with Krav Maga however. Taekwondo is a striking art in which blocks, stances, punches and kicks are taught in traditional forms or patterns, speed and power breaking and Olympic full contact sparring. Krav Maga is a holistic self defence system where there are no ritualized or traditional training; it encompasses striking techniques, locking, trapping, throwing, use of weapons, defence against armed threats and attacks, hostage situations and 3rd party protection. Often when I am contacted about Krav Maga by a parent they are more interested in self-defence skills for the whole family rather than an activity for their child.

What makes Indomitable Mind Body Combat Academy unique is we provide a great children’s martial arts program in addition to reality combat and self-defence training. We are pretty much your one-stop shop for all your martial art needs. As there are many martial arts schools in Auckland to choose from we offer a free orientation class so people can see exactly how I teach and how the classes are run and then decide whether this is the best school for themselves, their family or their children

Some martial arts schools are run more as a corporation others are run more like a family. I personally enjoy answering my students’ questions and helping them get the maximum benefit from our training. My values mirror those of our organization's CEO who is always there to answer my questions and likewise I am also always there for any of my students’ questions or concerns. Our CEO once told me that he would never teach a self-defence technique which has not been completely scrutinized and tested at our Israel headquarters because self-protection and safety of our students is of paramount importance just like as if it was being taught to members of his own family. For all effects and purposes the IKI brotherhood and Indomitable Mind Body Combat Academy is the family of our own choosing.

I have some students who have been training with me now for years. They have made the commitment to spend many hours at my school practicing Taekwondo or Krav Maga. Obviously it is important to like the vibe of the school and feel comfortable there. I am passionate about Taekwondo, about Krav Maga, about teaching self-defence in the community and about the nation of Israel. I don’t need to talk about it; people can see I enjoy teaching and am happy running the classes. I made a commitment to myself and others when I chose to become a martial arts instructor and go down that path many years ago. Ultimately however it is peoples choice whether Indomitabel Mind Body Combat Academy is the right school for them.

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