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Krav Maga Reality

I do not need to tell people how good Krav Maga is, the proof is in the pudding. Two families have been training regularly with me for a year now. The feedback from the get go was that Krav Maga training made them feel better equipped to deal with violence, safer and more secure. This is because Krav Maga skills are not overtly physical; true you work up a sweat and get a workout during class, but the techniques themselves are a simple, direct and can be learned and perfected in a matter of minutes. One student once told me that Krav Maga is like always having a weapon present.

Physical ability is fleeting, we all age, and even the most capable amongst us may be stiff and sore from a hard gym session or may have an injury. Violence can occur randomly and out of the blue and you could be in the most important fight of your life at the drop of a hat. It’s a scary scenario but there is no warm up, no stretching, no warmup strikes on the pads, no rubbing boxing liniment onto tight muscles, and no pep talk from a coach. In Krav Maga we focus on reality and that is why we are different from many of the martial arts.

People from other styles have come to train in Krav Maga with us and have also told me how much they enjoy our methodology and drills. You do not need to be Jewish to enjoy Krav Maga or gain its benefits. However if you hold anti-Semitic views then maybe it is not a style for you. Our organization is run by an Israeli and our senior instructors have all been trained and certified there.

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