Uncommon Being - Out in Kindle and Paperback

November 26, 2019

What started as a journey in Krav Maga, Israel’s systematic method of self-defense has led to a journey of personal growth and discovery of Hebrew culture and Israeli society. This book is part autobiography of the author’s life journey, part study into Israeli society and history, and part self-help book.

Refusing to assimilate and often marginalized for being different, thinking different and acting different, the Jews refused to live like the most choosing the uphill road instead. What is it about the Hebrew culture, one of the world’s oldest cultures that enables it to continue to thrive in the modern world despite all the challenges?

It is not genetics or ethnicity that sets the Israelis apart from their European and Middle Eastern counterparts. Rather what separates them is the culture, the relentless attitude, and the human spirit.

Uncommon Being examines Hebrew culture and Israeli society to illustrate how anybody can take their life to a higher level using the Israeli model.

•Discover the logic of the Israeli problem-solving approach.
•Learn simple strategies of personal protection that you can apply immediately.
•Get an understanding of how you can change your values and what you focus on daily.
•Learn how to condition yourself to overcome your fears.
•Find out how Israel’s military is constantly raising the bar in innovation and apply the same strategies to your life.
•Improve your health and energy based on Israeli diet and fitness.
•Learn strategies for building wealth.
•And much more.


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Uncommon Being - Out in Kindle and Paperback

November 26, 2019

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